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24/7 DAD 

24/7 Dad is the leading evidence-based national fatherhood program and is used by thousands of organizations across the nation to develop pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills of dads of all races, religions, and demographics.  The program is built on the basis that fathers can be nurturers, and for men, nurturing is a learned skill.  Throughout the program, men examine their developmental history, learn the 5 characteristics of a 24/7 Dad, and other important skills such as working with mom and proper child discipline to help them be the best dads they can be.


Independent research shows that 24/7 Dad creates statistically significant changes in pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills for fathers who participate in the program compared to fathers who don't participat in it.  In, fact, the program has undergone the most rigorous of evaluations -- random assignment.

24/7 Dad® was found to be an evidence-based program by The University of Hawaii. Click here to download the University of Hawaii Study.

24/7 Dad A.M.

24/7 Dad A.M. covers basic fathering skills as is delivered in 12, two hour sessions:

  • Family History
  • What it Means to be a Man
  • Showing and Handling Feelings
  • Men's Health
  • Communication
  • The Father's Role
  • Discipline
  • Children's Growth
  • Getting Involved
  • Working with Mom and Co-Parenting
  • Dads and Work
  • My 24/7 Dad Checklist

24/7 Dad P.M. 

24/7 Dad P.M. covers advanced fathering skills as is delivered in 12, two hour sessions:

  • Fathering and the 24/7 Dad
  • Power and Control
  • Boyhood to Manhood
  • Competition and Fathering
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Improving My Communication Skills
  • Knowing Myself
  • Fun with the Kids
  • Families Ties
  • Stress, Alcohol and Work
  • Sex, Love and Relationships
  • My 24/7 Dad Checklist

In the Zoom Where it Happens!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where currently deliver this dynamic fatherhood program virtually through the ZOOM app. Men can join the sessions from the convenience of home or wherever they can find a quiet, internet accessible place.

  • Fathers of all ages
  • 12 weekly sessions (Tuesday or Thursday nights)
  • 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm est.
  • Referrals welcome
  • Program Costs - $100

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